Poker for me!

How much you win or lose , strategies, tricks
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Poker for me!

Postby Romulus1970 » Mon May 11, 2009 4:03 pm

I have been playing for quite a while I consider my self and excellent player when I am in my comfort zone i been up and down not taking it to seriously. One time I deposited $50 on fulltilt won like $5000 playing tournaments (two tournaments actually $27 buying i think third place both times) payed tuition that was it. Put 100 from time to time won/lose some times i would win like$ 500> in a session playing Omaha and moving up in limits really quick so poker has been good.
Any way this is the thing I am not working or attending classes so I got the free bankroll used the pokerstrategy and the rake kill me , then i got another one from Titan and when all the way to 400 in a day, cleared the 5000 points in about 5 days when all the way to $600 playing consistently 4 tables cash game SH NL50 got impatience lost like $300 moving in limits put everything on black(roulette) and well I am on the street. So now I am thinking in putting my own money so that I could take it seriously

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Re: Poker for me!

Postby liviu2000 » Sun May 24, 2009 4:55 pm

Keep trying hit the jackpot :guitar:
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Re: Poker for me!

Postby playground49 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:59 pm

i think u saw how easy may to tilt and to lost your money ,poker is not a joke ,poker i hard sport and need seriously thinking in long time for succes game and a lot of money ,be stronger and go on:)
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Re: Poker for me!

Postby triffu » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:33 am

OMG not roulette.had the same problem,i'm 22 but belive me i had my time,a lot of time,with the roulette table and thats the devil!!!!it wasnyt made for people to get rich at it just to ruin peoples for the pokerstrategy freebankroll you should have taken it to William Hill ther you have protection from the site(free bankroll management)you can't enter a tourney that you shouldn't play with you bankroll because it wont let you,Power Poker also was this feature in their softwer try it ...sometimes it help....but that protection only works at does not protect you from casino games,there..your hole bankroll is put at advice ass a ''young man'' F**k the roulette!!!don't ever go there i know lots of people that F****d up their lifes with roulette.GOOD LUCK ;)
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irish open,daily star newspaper freeroll

Postby chakra » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:17 pm

hello everyone,great site.i was wondering if anyone has the password to a paddypower freeroll tonight.its a password that was printed in the irish daily star,irish open poker on paddypower....i have entered the other two freeroll comps on there tonight.but cant get password printed in the paper.thankyou in advance
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Re: Poker for me!

Postby winbotter » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:44 am

Quick question, this is the closest thread to my question that I can find, sorry. I’m looking for anyone that has any information on whether importing hands from a site like into PT4 or HM2 will give you an advantage, like on Stars or PartyPoker? Any information would be helpful, thanks guys!

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